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Hair Care Tips - Best Natural Ways for Excellent Hair


There is no doubt that beautiful black and shiny hair adds gorgeousness to the personality of the woman. In the old times, women used many techniques for hair maintenance and hair graying, which actually made the hair dark, thick, strong and shiny. Nowadays, variety of soaps, shampoos and other hair products are being used for hair care. From these, hair starts falling prematurely instead of getting nutrients, as well as start turning white. In this article, I am providing you with some important hair care tips and tricks, which can be followed to make hair long, strong, dark, thick and shiny.

Best Natural Ways for Excellent Hair

1. Hot oil hair massage must be done once a week. By doing this, the hair roots get activated and blood vessels warm up which speeds up the blood circulation. Make sure to massage your scalp with olive oil or coconut oil at least once a week. By doing this, the hair root gets strengthen.

2. Generally, hair becomes dry and lifeless due to the effects of dust and pollution. To get rid of this trouble, you should wash your hair on regular intervals with a gentle and finer shampoo and use a good hair tonic as well.

3. Add a pinch of alum and half spoon of turmeric into sour curd. Apply this golden mask in hair scalp and length. It will gently wash out all the dirt as well as this mask will also heal other infections and reduce dandruff. 

4. Henna hair mask should be applied to the hair once a week. You can make henna paste by incorporating it with egg, curd, black tea or coffee to enhance the properties of henna. Henna contains para-phenylenediamine. It makes hair healthy. It also slows down the formation of white hair.

5. Don’t be negligent in hair cleansing as sweating causes damage to hair when it reaches the roots of the hair. To avoid this, wash hair at least twice a week.

6. Dandruff problem often arises in the hair, which results in hair breakage. To get rid of it do regular oiling and steaming. 

7. Rinsing hair with green tea will enrich the hair scalp with anti-oxidant properties and thus brings life and add natural lusture to the hair strand. 

8. Do not rub the scalp and hair rapidly after hair wash. Doing so not only damages the hair but also stimulates the sebaceous gland which results in excess secretion of sebum.

9. Cigarette smoke when absorbed by the body and hair, it makes it dry and lifeless and increases the chances of hair splitting. In addition, nicotine present in cigarette inhibits hair growth and at the same time it also speeds up hair graying.

10. Many people are in habit of trembling their wet hair with towel in order to make it dry suddenly but doing so is not beneficial for the hair health. By doing this the hair root becomes weak and gradually it starts breaking.

11. People often comb on wet hair due to lack of time, which is a major cause of hair weakening and breakage.

12. Chemically loaded shampoos harm and affect hair in long run. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS is a very harmful chemical that is used to create foam in shampoos, which makes the hair dry and weak by absorbing the natural oil of the hair. So always use mild and gentle shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

13. Use of lukewarm water for washing hair helps to open the scalp pores. If the scalp's pores are open, then it can efficiently absorb natural oils and minerals. 

14. Always apply a hair conditioner over hair strands and the hair tips because this part gets easily affected from external environmental factors. You can also get deep conditioning treatment every fortnight.

15. If you use heat styling equipments on regular basis, then never forget to apply a heat protective product or hair serum to the hair first to prevent hair damage from heat. Always use styling tools on medium heat so that the hair does not burn or splits.

16. Always use silk pillow covers instead of cotton ones. Due to silk fabric, the hair will get a smooth surface and there will be less friction in the hair, as a result the hair stay protected. 

17. Never tie your hair in tight ponytails or high buns as it leads to a severe damage to the scalp and hair roots. It will create intense tension in the roots and hair will prone to breakage.

18. Vinegar can be used to make hair shiny. Vinegar contains potassium and other healthy enzymes. It reduces itching and dandruff from the scalp.

19. Take natural protein treatment once a week for deep hair care. For protein treatment apply mixture of egg and coconut oil in your hair. Leave it overnight and then wash it in morning with normal water.

20. Massage hair roots and scalp with aloe vera gel twice a week. By doing this, the hair will get natural shine and lusture and the hair loss will also be reduced. The antioxidants and amino acids present in aloe vera help make hair healthy. They control the pH level of the hair and keep the scalp healthy.

21. Comb your hair before washing it. This will not mess up the hair much. Always use normal water for hair wash. 

22. Always massage your hair with light hands. The roots of hair become weak due to strong and vigorous massage.

23. Black tea water and lemon juice can reduce the problem of hair loss. Not only this, the hair will also become shiny and soft.

24. If you are troubled from dandruff, then regularly apply onion juice in your hair. Onion is enriched with sulphur content which can effectively kills and reduces dandruff.

25. You can also strengthen your hair through some specific yoga. Regular practice of yoga makes hair thick, strong and long. 

26. To keep hair healthy for ever, balance eating habits should be adopted. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in protein, potassium and other nutrients in high amounts. These nutrients provide nourishment to the hair, make them strong, and also keep the scalp healthy. 

27. Brown sugar contains molasses, which relieves the problem of dandruff from the hair. Its use stops hair fall. Mix brown sugar with conditioner. Rub it on the scalp and then wash the hair with water.

28. Using hair mask keeps the roots of hair hydrated. It will deeply moisturize the hair. Due to which the hair becomes shiny and thick. For hair care, hair mask should be used according to hair type.

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such hair care tips then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me and also subscribe for latest updates.

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