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12 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin


Every woman's daydream is to appear gorgeous and stunning. To accomplish this vision it is significant that you should take suitable care of your skin. By appropriate care of the skin you can constantly stay beautiful. By the way, every woman continues to deal with lot of skin products, to make their skin shiny, glossy and blemish free. But do you know that if skin care is not followed correctly, then even the best beauty products will not be able to show its effect on your skin. Usually women misinterpret that if they will use almost all the face creams and beauty products shown in the advertisements then they will achieve youthful skin. Initially all the women should first understand their skin type and its texture, and then only you will be capable to follow a precise skin care routine. We often hear that skin care should be completed keeping in mind the type of skin. Even before buying beauty products, it is necessarily important that we should first learn about our skin type. Most women are not certain about their skin type, due to which they always choose the incorrect product and this always cause severe trouble to their skin. But if you don’t want face such mishap, than you should first start recognizing your skin. However, it is not a difficult task. You need to adopt these simple procedures and be familiar with your skin type and make it even more beautiful.

Know What Your Skin Type is?

The skin is generally divided into five types - Normal skin, Dry skin, Oily skin, Combination skin and Sensitive skin. As normal skin is shiny and clean so it does not require much care. At the same time, dry skin is clearly visible. Such skin is shiny and has a bit of a pull in the skin. Apart from this, oil is always visible on oily skin and due to excess oil, pimple and acne occurs in this skin frequently. If some parts of the face are dry and some are oily, than it is a combination skin. If a skin needs maximum care, then it is sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is prone to infections and allergies. 

How to Find Your Skin Type

Now it is time to classify your skin after learning the skin type. It's not enough to only understand the skin type, but you also have to know how to classify the skin. It's very easy to remember, you only need tissue paper for this. To do this, you first wash your face and wait half an hour or so. Place the tissue paper on your face after this. Tissue paper may also be applied to various parts of the face, such as the nose, cheeks and forehead. If your tissue has oil on it, it means your skin is oily. If some parts of the skin and not some parts of the skin have oil, it tells you about the mixture of the skin. On the other side, if the tissue paper is not dirty or blemished and your face is clean and smooth, it means your skin is fine. Apart from this, the dry skin does not even see any stains on the tissue paper, but the skin feels crushed along with it. Here I am briefing you 12 effortless and specific ways to take care of your skin.

1. Clean Your Face 
The dirt, oils and bacteria that build up and make your pores look bigger are eliminated by washing your face. At night, our faces excrete oil so when you wake up, you should always wash your face and clear the dirt and grease. To clear makeup and grime from your day, wash your face again before bed. Also, when you sweat or work out, you can wash your hands. 

2. Limit Your Exposure to Sun
Always use sunscreen before going outside in sunlight, particularly those people who have lighter skin tone. An estimated 90 percent of skin ageing is caused by the sun. Whenever planning to hang out, outside it's best to limit the sun exposure or seek shade. Don't forget to cover your skin where sunscreen can't be used yet! Squinting doesn't really shield your eyes and you may end up forming more lines and wrinkles across your eye and forehead region if you keep on doing the peering exercise, so never forget to wear sunglasses.

3. Sleep on Silk Pillows
You can't rub a wrinkle on your skin, but you can cause them to fall asleep! You should smooth your face onto your pillow if you're a side-sleeper, bringing pressure between the skin and the sheet. Since we sleep for a long period of time, this causes creases that can result in wrinkles. But the cloth helps the skin to "slip" while you sleep on a silk pillowcase, reducing the risk of developing wrinkles. It's fantastic for avoiding frizzy hair, too!

4. Drink More Water
While drinking water doesn't hydrate the skin directly, it makes all body systems work better. It lets the liver remove contaminants from the body, decreases puffiness, improves work of the kidneys which in turn helps lighten dark circles, and can also improve skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. 

5. Prohibit Sugary Food
Often it takes a while for the skin to catch up with how we looked last week or what we ate. If sugar and processed carbohydrates are predominantly applied to your energy supply, you will begin to see the effects of that on your skin. Too much of one thing stresses the body and skin, after all. Too much exfoliating acids can destroy the protective layer of the skin, just as too much fructose can cause a rise in insulin and inflammation. This approach creates an enzyme that binds to the fibres of collagen, breaking them down and allowing them to lose strength and flexibility. 

6. Avoid Touching Face
Although pressing a pimple is enticing, you will cause a lot more permanent harm to the skin than is worth instant gratification. Second, there is a type of acne called acne mechanica, caused by rubbing from scratching the face and forcing the pore back into oil and bacteria. Second, a scar or a brown spot called post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation may result from picking and squeezing. 

7. Shower with Lukewarm Water 
Sebum oil has a wax-like quality found in our skin pores. Using hot water to wash face or shower will help melt down the skin wax. Lukewarm is better because it helps skin oils to warm up and hence fully remove it, allowing a complete face washing. To make your cleanser work correctly, massage your skin for a full one minute.

8. Often Wash Makeup Brushes
In addition to foundation and lipstick, bacteria, grease, ashes, and sweat collect on our makeup brushes, during and makeup application. If makeup brushes not washed daily, all the garbage is effectively smeared across the face. This can induce inflammation, clogged pores and acne.

9. Release Tension
Our bodies release a hormone called cortisol when we're nervous or anxiou. Increased amounts of cortisol specifically for our skin will cause us to lose our shine by decreasing the capacity of the skin to maintain moisture and stimulating overproduction of oils. You might find redness or puffiness in your face when you feel nervous or concerned. 

10. Exercise Daily
We all know that it is nice for our whole body to have our sweat on, but it still has some skin advantages as well. We pump our blood as we pass, which transfers oxygen and nutrients to all of our cells. This not only creates an immediate glow, but it also allows our skin to heal itself more easily. Another benefit of exercise is that it helps to reduce stress and, in turn, to decrease levels of cortisol.

11. Stop Tobacco and Smoking
It releases free radicals that destroy skin cell's DNA when tobacco is heated via cigarettes or even vamping. This helps in the degradation of elastin and collagen. It also constricts blood vessels that deplete the skin oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients that are extremely needed. It strikes the skin of face around mouth and cheek when the puff of toxic smoke is exhaled and it cause blackheads. This leads to premature ageing over time, dehydration, dark circles, damaged blood vessels, and a dull-looking skin in general. 

12. Get More Sleep
Our bodies recover and rebuild cells while we slumber. Sleep reduces the cortisol stress hormone that is responsible for discoloration of the skin, thinning skin, and acne marks. Sleep also increases the sleep hormone melatonin for positive purposes, which acts as an antioxidant to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and skin cancer. We also create fresh collagen when snoozing, which helps keep our skin plump and wrinkle-free when appearing plump. 

Ingredients Which Enhance Your Skin Quality

If you are troubled due to acne, acne scars, tanning and shackles and want to bring back the facial radiance, then the advice of the expert may be of great use. These are such beauty tips, which you can try and make your skin shiny and healthy again.

1. Raw Potato
Using potato prevents the problem of dark spots, tanning and pigmentation. Not just that, if the face has been stripped from the neck, the potato face mask is still very helpful. Grind the raw potato and apply it like a pack on your skin. This makes skin smoother, fairer and brighter.

2. Coconut Milk
For the removal of skin stains, coconut milk is very efficient. In the coconut milk, mix one spoon of honey, place it in an ice tray, and freeze it. Then rub one piece a day and gently and softly over your skin. After 10 minutes, wash it with water. Doing so will add natural keratin to your skin cells which replaces the top damaged layer of skin and gives fresh, clean clear skin.

3. Camphor and Coconut Oil
Microwave coconut oil and camphor together and mix it well. Apply and massage it on your face with light hands. After 10 minutes, wash it with water. It will help in removing fine lines and wrinkles of the face if you will use its application on every day basis.

4. Turmeric and Sour Cream
In a one teaspoon of sour cream, mix one pinch of turmeric powder, mix it well, and then rub it with light hands on the face. Leave this mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes then clean your face with lukewarm water. Following this remedy everyday would help to clear the skin and eliminate all the stains.

5. Fruit Facial
Fruits have anti-oxidants that not only moisturize the skin, but also make the spots lighter. Mix half teaspoon of mashed banana, ripe papaya and half teaspoon of honey for a natural fruit pack, and apply it over your face every for 20 minutes, then wash it with water. Stains are prevented and skin get natural glow by constantly applying it for whole of the month.

6. Tomatoes
Tomatoes contain anti-oxidants that provide nourishment. Cut tomato slice, and rub it on the face in a circle motion. Continue this for 10 minutes then clean the face with water and apply moisturizer. Doing so will also eliminate dark circles. 

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such ways to take care of your skin then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me and also subscribe for latest updates.

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