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7 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips That Will Transform Your Skin


Every woman wants to stay beautiful and young for eternity. Aging is a usual process, which you cannot discontinue. The effect of age most readily begins to appear on face. Generally wrinkles and freckles are initially seen on the forehead and eye area. In fact you cannot stop this natural process but by adopting superior lifestyle habits you can reduce the aging signs. It is well said that regular skin care should be based on your age. Our skin’s demand and mayhem are diverse at various ages. Although there are many skin tips, there are many things as well, but it is very important to change lifestyles. Now let's talk about some special procedures where even better care can be taken of the skin.

How Do You Age With Wise Skin Care?

In the beginning of 20s 
Make sure to use sunscreen everyday to protect your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. Everyday use mild and gentle face wash for proper skin cleansing. Always use alcohol free toners. Twice a week, scrub and exfoliate the skin. Use mud mask at least two times a week. Massage your face with aloe vera gel two times a day. Mostly apply organic or natural ingredients on your face.

In the mid 20s and early 30s
Certain symptoms of ageing begin to come when you are in the mid 20s or early 30s. This is the right moment for anti-aging cream to be used. That is, you can start using an anti-aging cream after 25-26 years. This provides a collagen boost to the skin, and elastin also increases in the skin. It helps to maintain the freshness of skin and does not hint any signs of ageing. Exfoliate the skin after every 2 to 3 days. Necessarily use any good mud mask 3 to 4 times a week.

In the mid 30s and late 40s
Right after menopause, all the women should use anti-aging cream. Collagen development decreases rapidly after menopause. The use of anti-aging cream is also important for your skin care. Often, use gels or creams that are powered with anti-aging qualities. Exfoliate your skin every third day. Possibly use mud mask 3 to 4 times a week. Massage your skin two times a day with any fruit gel. By performing these skin care routine, your skin will remain youthful, glowing and hydrated. 

General symptoms of aging are wrinkles, fine lines and skin thinning. But these symptoms of ageing tend to show before age, due to today's routine. Signs of ageing are caused by depression, stress and hormonal imbalances. Measures are often taken by all to avoid this and get healthy skin. We initiate to take various steps when it comes to manage wrinkles. Few of us begin to use different beauty product, and some start going to the parlours and spend lot of money. But if I will tell you that you don't need to go anywhere to minimize the frequency of wrinkle formation, in fact you need to correct your living conditions. Although you're probably not going to believe that, but that's factual. Including home remedies that are readily available often come in handy, but they are only effective if they can be used accurately and consistently. To keep the aging signs at bay here are several tips which you should include in your daily routine. 

1. Purify Your Skin
If you are more than 30, then it is very important to deeply cleanse the skin. Simply washing face with water or a cleanser is not enough because even after this the pores doesn’t get clear and dust remains intact in them. Because of this you may face lot of skin related problems, including pimples etc. So it is necessary to deeply cleanse the skin pores. According to Korean beauty, cleansing is a significant and essential part of the skin care routine, and this is why Korean skin care is now commonly preferred worldwide. You can endeavor home facial cleaning treatments as well, or you can use some specific cleansing agents. Proper skin rinsing keeps the skin moist and hydrated as it leads to deep exfoliation of skin pores as well. 

2. Exercise Four Days a Week
A study suggests that exercising at least 4 days a week is good for both health and skin. You can make your skin healthy and glowing through breathing exercises. In Breathing Exercise, you need to breathe in rapidly and then stop for a few seconds and exhale. Regular practice of this exercise keeps the heart healthy and the brain gets energized. Also skin looks beautiful, tight and stress free. Dark circles under the eyes also get faded. 

3. Use Natural Ingredients
When it’s a matter of controlling wrinkles, we start adopting different kinds of measures. Few start using new product but some women go to the parlor and spend hours. If I will tell you that to avoid wrinkles, you don’t need to go anywhere, but you have to look into your kitchen. So you probably won't believe it, but it's true. Yes, easily available home remedies always come in handy but if they are used properly and continuously, they are really very effective. 

4. Consume Antioxidant Rich Diet
Diet affects our health in all the way. There are some foods that helps to slow the down the aging. You can include these foods in your anti-aging diet. These anti-aging foods can be included in your normal diet, which you do not even need to think about. In this diet you need to include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. Anti-aging diet has many benefits. Due to not eating the right amount of these food items, they become deficient in the body.

5. Discontinue Smoking
Habit of smoking damages the body in many ways, one of which is that it makes you look aged. Recent study has revealed that smoking not only reduces age but also makes a person appear old. That is, if the person who smokes is 20 years old, then his revolutionary age can be like a person of 40 year. People consume tobacco in different ways. In such case, if it gets ingested accidentally tobacco then, it may destroy the complexion of your skin. At the same time, it is also not correct to drink alcohol. Excess alcohol intake dehydrates the skin if it is taken for a long period of time.

6. Appropriate Sleeping
The effect of age starts appearing by not taking enough sleep. Everyday a minimum of 8 hours sleep is essential to avoid dark circles and fine lines on the face. Sleep relaxes the brain and skin cells and does not cause wrinkles on the skin. According to researchers at the University of Stockholm, those who don’t get enough sleep at the right time, instigate to show signs of aging prematurely. We got a deep connection among routine sleep and face problems. Everybody has dissimilar needs in the matter of sleep, if they would not fulfill, then they show the first effect on the face.

7. Avoid Sun Exposure
Avoid direct contact to harmful rays of sun to reduce the effects on skin. Tough sun rays make skin excessively dry and dehydrated. As a result skin start showing early signs of aging such as dark spots, pigmentation and fine lines etc. Wear sunscreen whenever you go out in the sunlight. Strong rays of the sun can damage the skin and even cause wrinkles. 

Use These Anti Aging Face Ingredients
Generally within a few days, our skin renews itself. It indicates that old skin cells expire and replaced by new cells. This self renewing property of skin slows down as we age. As a result our skin begins to appear dull. There are many ingredients in our kitchen that are very effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It makes the skin tight and erases age marks from the face. Read the article ahead and know about such anti aging face packs which are a blessing for skin and can be easily prepared with minimal ingredients. 

1. Coconut Milk
Because of its hard shell coconut as a fruit is sometimes overlooked and people find it difficult to use in remedies. But do you know that coconut milk, holds anti wrinkle property. It is rich with antioxidant and anti-
Inflammatory features. Coconut milk is powered with essential fatty acids and omega - 3 content. It is also known for providing a complete hydration to the skin.

How to Use
All you need to do is to take a small quantity of coconut milk, and use a cotton ball to dab it all over your face. Keep it on overnight and wash it with cold water next morning. Follow this remedy every day, and within few days, you will observe a real improvement in your skin.

2. Banana
Being a tasty and appetizing fruit, banana is really an anti wrinkle aid good for skin. It has vitamin A and vitamin B and other anti aging properties. Bananas contain high antioxidant levels and function as Botox in nature, preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Bananas are abundant in antioxidants that help to fight the body against free radicals. Applying antioxidants to your skin will help protect against damage caused by free radicals. You could be left with more radiant skin as well. 

How to Use
Only you need a ripe banana and mash it, so it turns to a fine paste. Now apply this paste on your face and leave it for whole night. Next morning wash it with cold water. You will see that fine lines on your forehead and around eyes will start to reduce after few uses only. Use this therapy every next day for superior results. 

3. Honey 
Being a natural sweetener honey is a moisturizer too, which means it helps to absorb and preserve skin moisture. Only one spoon of honey can do several miracles. It not only holds wrinkles for long time, although it can also protect the skin from bacterial infection due to its antioxidant properties. 

How to Use
You just require using honey as a sleeping mask. Take natural honey and dab all over your face and neck with the help of cotton ball. Wash it next morning. Follow this beauty regime on every day basis. You will certainly monitor a big difference in your skin. 

4. Potatoes
Yes, potato is more than just a delicious vegetable. It helps in regenerating skin collagen. As it is a rich source of vitamin C. This ensures that the skin's elasticity is retained and fine lines should be avoided. Potatoes have a 'catecholase' enzyme that helps to brighten up the skin tone and reduce dark spots. Potatoes are anti-aging as well and will exfoliate the skin gently to enhance the appearance of the skin.

How to Use
All you need to do is take half potato, grate it, and drain its juice. Then gently dab it to your face and neck with cotton. Leave it overnight and wash out next morning from regular water. Make this remedy handy every day. You will begin to feel the change in the skin texture after few uses only.

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such anti aging tips and ingredients then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me and also subscribe for latest updates.

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