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5 best natural oils for hair


Every woman wants healthy, strong and thick hair, but it is difficult for everyone to fulfill this desire. Time is changing and our priorities are also changing with the modern lifestyle. When we do not take proper care of our hair, we face hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, split ends and many others. To get beautiful and healthy hair, we should apply oil well in our hair.

Benefits of Oiling in Hair
•    Dandruff problem usually occurs when scalp becomes dry. Oiling hydrates the scalp and provides moisture to hair.
•    Hair follicles require nutrition for healthy hair growth. The oil nourishes hair follicles and promotes its growth.
•    Applying oil is the best way to keep hair frizz free. Oiling helps in dealing with frizz. It also provides nutrition to our hair.
•    Hair oil works best in strengthening hair roots and prevents hair fall.
•    Hair oiling gives natural shine and gloss to the hair.
•    By massaging scalp lightly with finger tips helps in opening the blocked pores of the scalp which activates the hair roots and thus promoting healthy hair growth.
•    Regular hair oiling aids to delay early or premature hair graying.

5  Best Natural Oils for Hair

1. Coconut oil
1.    Coconut oil is an excellent hair moisturizing agent.
2.    Coconut oil is very beneficial not only for nourishing hair but also increase the hair growth speed.
3.    Lack of protein and nutrition in the hair can be easily overcome with the use of coconut oil.
4.    If you are facing problem of hair fall and baldness, then massaging scalp with coconut oil will be a good remedy.
5.    Coconut oil is enriched with Lauric acid which can easily penetrate the hair shaft.
6.    It nourishes the hair with essential vitamins, minerals and good fatty acids.
7.    Massaging scalp with coconut oil helps in improving blood circulation.
8.    The uses of coconut oil will not only stops hair fall, but hair will also grow.
9.    Coconut oil should be used to keep hair healthy and to protect them from different scalp infections.
10.    Coconut oil reduces the scalp dryness, dry hair problems and dandruff etc.

2. Olive oil
1.    Olive oil contains antioxidants that keep hair and scalp healthy.
2.    This improves blood circulation and ensures that the necessary nutrients reach hair follicles.
3.    Olive oil prevents hair from getting dry and makes hair thick and strong.
4.    It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that prevent hair related problem such as dandruff and itching.
5.    Olive oil can be used to prevent hair fall too.
6.    An element found in olive, called Oleuropein, promotes hair growth.
7.    Massaging scalp with olive oil can reduce the problem of hair loss to some extent.
8.    This oil is rich in moisturizing properties, which can have positive effects on dry hair and dry scalp.
9.    Olive oil protects hair from the side effects of free radicals.
10.    The advantage of olive oil for hair is that it can be used as a natural conditioner because of its emollient and oily properties. Because of its properties, it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment.

3. Almond oil
1.    Magnesium is found in surplus in almond oil which helps in nourishing the hair.
2.    The benefits of almond oil are extraordinary for hair, as it works to remove dead cells from the roots of hair.
3.    Due to the exfoliation of dead cells, nutrition reaches up to the roots.
4.    Almond oil is also beneficial due to its anti-bacterial quality.
5.    The fatty acids present in almond oil protect hair from the harmful rays of the sun. Apart from this, it also protects hair from damage due to the chemical present in the shampoo or hair color.
6.    Sometimes due to excess use of styling chemicals several scalp infections take place. In such circumstances, almond oil will be very beneficial.
7.    Almond oil will not only hydrate the scalp, but will also reduce infection. Its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties prevent infection and the proteins in it keep hair healthy.
8.    It is true that conditioning the hair after shampoo gives them a new life, but it is not safe to do it again and again. If you start using almond oil in place of a conditioner, then it will give new shine to your hair. It can reach the roots of hair and condition them naturally.

4. Castor oil
1.    Castor oil proved to be very beneficial for hair growth, and hair thickening. Application of castor oil can make hair thick and bouncy.
2.    Resinolic acid is a main compound of castor oil which has anti-inflammatory properties, which may reduce hair loss to great extent.
3.    Nowadays the problem of dandruff has become very common. It is associated with seborrheic dermatitis. In such a situation, if castor oil is applied in the head, this problem can be overcome easily.
4.    If castor oil is applied on regular basis, then the problem of split ends can be cured. Due to its thick texture, castor oil makes a protective layer on the hair shaft which strengthens the hair and can prevent it from splitting.
5.    Castor oil is a brilliant remedy to decrease the number of gray hair, it can also turn hair colour to naturally black. Castor oil acts like a humectant, which naturally darkens hair while retaining moisture.
6.    Many times hair loses its natural luster due to continuous washing, pollution and many other reasons. In such a situation, you can use castor oil to increase hair shine. It acts as a safe layer on the hair and makes them shiny.

5. Sesame Oil
1.    Sesame oil is used prominently all over the world due to its excellent nutritional properties.
2.    It has been proved scientifically that sesame oil provides complete nutrition to the hair. There is sufficient quantity of Vitamin E, B complex, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Protein.
3.    Sesame oil works for strengthening the roots by nourishing the hair from within.
4.    If you are troubled from dandruff problem or lice in your head, then using sesame oil will be beneficial. Use sesame oil as regular hair oil and leave it overnight then wash your hair next morning.
5.    If your hair is lifeless and damage, then using sesame oil will be beneficial. It nourishes them from the scalp to the tip of the hair.
6.    With the use of sesame oil, the frizziness of hair can be controlled easily and hair gets natural shine and lusture.
7.    If you are facing hair fall in excess then sesame oil will be very useful. It has the property of strengthening the hair roots.
8.    Massaging the scalp with sesame oil improves blood circulation, which makes hair grow faster.
9.    Sesame oil has the unique property which can naturally darken the hair strands. Sesame oil is filled with antioxidants that reduce the effect of free radicals and chemicals thus prevent early graying.
10.    Sun contact causes a lot of damage to hair follicles and the scalp. Sesame oil protects hair by behaving as a natural sun-blocking agent.

Things to Take Care Off While Hair Oiling
1.    Always apply oil after combing the hair, it improves blood circulation of the hair and helps the root and hair to properly absorb the oil.
2.    Oil your hair with the help of cotton ball, this will avoid your hair from falling down and hair gets proper nutrition and full hydration from oiling.
3.    Hair should not be tied after massaging because after applying oil tip of hair roots unlocks due to which tying hair may leads to its breakage.
4.    Applying oil to the hair is good but applying too much oil is also harmful. If excess oil should be applied then pores will block thus it will stop the growth of hair.
5.    Avoid washing hair immediately after applying oil because it will not give any benefit thus, leave oil in your hair for at least 3 to 4 hours before shampoo.


Hope you like this article. If you know about more such natural oils for hair  then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me. 

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