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Yoga for Pregnant Women


Everyone knows about the great benefits of yoga. As it is very beneficial for lay man same way it is great for pregnant women. Every woman's body has to go through different troubles during pregnancy. Yoga is very beneficial for pregnant women. By doing yoga, not only the health of the mother but also the developing baby in the stomach also improves. A pregnant woman should do yoga keeping in mind her limits and health. Daily practice of yoga during pregnancy keeps you healthy and also helps to keep the mind and body focused during delivery. By doing yoga every day, your body remains active and also prevents the common problems of pregnancy like constipation and vomiting. Doing yoga daily removes tension from the body, which increases the chances of natural delivery. Tension releases out of the uterus, uterine canal and pelvic portion, so that there is no dilemma in childbirth.

Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women
You can do yoga during all the 9 months of pregnancy to keep your accompanying baby healthy. Doing yoga during pregnancy is also known as prenatal yoga which calms the body and mind of a pregnant woman. Before delivery, yoga experts and doctors have been repeatedly emphasizing that simple exercises like walking and yoga can help to overcome pregnancy problems. Here I am telling you about the benefits of yoga for pregnant women.

Helps in labor
Yoga not only helps to recover the overall fitness of the mother but it is also brilliant for the fetal growth. Yoga also helps in the growth of the muscle strength and power that aids vaginal delivery.

Helps in relieving pains
As the pregnancy progresses, you may experience back pain, headaches and other pains. Yoga helps in lessening pains through suitable blood circulation, superior muscle strength, and enhanced breathing etc.

Helps in getting good sleep
Yoga reduces mental stress, anxiety and depression, thus calming the mind and body. Performing yoga helps you to obtain better sleep.

Helps in constructing stamina
Regular practice of yoga helps in building stamina and core strength, which will be possibly required during the labour pains.

Helps in proper positioning of baby
Yoga helps in enhancing the elasticity of pelvic muscles and bones and aids to better birthing position for the baby.

Yoga for Pregnant Women
By doing yoga, not only the health of the mother but also the health of developing baby in the womb also improves. If a pregnant woman does regular yoga then she can get rid of many troubles. Today in this article we will tell you some yoga aasanas, which are beneficial during pregnancy.

Yoga Poses during First Trimester
You almost do all basic yoga poses in the first trimester of your pregnancy. But it is very significant to have some focus on the requirements of your body. If you suffer tiredness, fatigue and lazy, or feel powerless to perform yoga, then you should not force yourself. Here in this article we are telling you about some of the yoga asanas that you can do in the first trimester.

1. Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose
Warrior pose help in strengthening back, thigh, shoulder and arm muscles. This asana also helps in increasing the stamina. With this asana, your hands, shoulders, thighs and waist muscles get strengthened. If you have a problem of high blood pressure, then it would be preferable that you should avoid performing this asana.

2. Vriksasana or Tree Pose
Tree pose helps in the conditions such as heartburn. It also helps to improve posture and relieve back pain. Performing this asana provides a light massage to the spine, legs, neck. Vrksasana strengthens the thighs, calves, ankles and spine. It improves physical balance and relieves sciatica also reduces discomfort occurs due to flattening of feet during the pregnancy.

Yoga Poses during Second Trimester
By the second trimester, the pregnancy bump starts getting visible. In most cases, the morning sickness ends up by this time. Following are some of the yoga asanas that you may practice in your second trimester.

1. Vajrasana or Thunderbolt Pose
Thunderbolt pose is very effective in improving digestion. It is also effective in keeping other stomach- related problems in pregnancy at bay. Performing this asana provides a light massage to the spine, legs, neck. By regularly performing this asana, the effect of blood pressure can be cured and spine also gets strengthened.

2. Tadasana or Palm Tree Pose
Palm tree pose helps in strengthening the spine and maintaining good physical and mental balance. Tadasana is an extremely brilliant pose for pregnant women. It strengthens the spinal cord and also relieves back pain. It also provides relief in neck discomfort. This yoga also increases the energy level of body. By doing this asana, the effect of blood is cured and spine is also strengthened. This increases the energy level.

Yoga Poses during Third Trimester
In the third trimester, the various yoga asanas help to prepare for the labour and birthing process. Here are some asanas that you may do in your third trimester of pregnancy:

1. Poorna Titli Asana or Butterly Pose
Butterfly pose helps in relieving fatigue from the inner thighs and legs. This asana can be done from the sixth month of pregnancy. This brings flexibility in the body and also reduces the supposing discomfort of delivery. This asana helps in making childbirth ease. It should not be done after the fourth month. Blood circulation remains perfect with this asana. If you feel lower back pain while doing this asana, then discontinue it at all.

2. Ardha Titli Asana or Half Butterfly Pose
This asana is very good in loosening hip joints and this helps in making the delivery process ease. This pose brings flexibility in lower body torso. Performing the shavasan relieves depression and stress. By doing this aasana, the pregnant woman gets benefit in the proper development of the unborn child. Both mother and baby get complete health benefit from this yoga.

3. Supta Udarkarshan Asana or Abdomen Rotation Pose
This asana is very beneficial for getting rid of constipation which sometime occurs during pregnancy and it also gives relief from any strain or stiffness in the back. This posture strengthens the spine. By doing this asana, pregnant women get relief from back pain and weight also does not increase much after delivery. Performing this asana relieves back pain and does not increase weight after delivery.

Precautions to Be Taken While Doing Yoga in Pregnancy
Yoga provides immense health benefits to a woman during pregnancy. But it is equally important to exercise caution while performing various yoga asanas. Here are few points that you should consider while performing yoga poses during your pregnancy:

  • You must consult your gyenec before practicing yoga.
  • It is very important to practice yoga asanas and various breathing techniques in the correct way.
  • You should not practice lying down yoga postures that require you to lie down after your first trimester is over.
  • You should also refrain from holding your breath for longer durations.
  • You must exercise caution while doing balancing yoga postures.
  • It is recommended to pay attention to your body’s nutrition and hydration needs before and after the session of yoga.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes for yoga.
  • You should refrain from over-stretching.
  • You must take a nap after attending the yoga session.

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such yoga poses for pregnant women then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me. 

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