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11 Easy Chair Yoga Poses to Relax Mind and Body


According to the WHO report, physical inactivity is the fourth largest cause of death worldwide. In our everyday life, we spend most of our time while sitting on the office chair in such situation it is very important to take care of our health besides working. In the pursuit to accomplish our dreams, we are even spending more time in office than scheduled hours of work. Due to this, our mental and physical health is deteriorating everyday and as a result we get surrounded by various physical illnesses. Sitting for extended periods of time has a bad effect on health and today I am going to tell you what kind of health problems can surround you by sitting constantly.

How Long Working Hours Affect Your Body
1. Naturally our body use 1 calorie in every minute in a sitting condition this way it equals 60 calories per hour which is very less in comparison to work while standing that equals 300 calories per hour. In such case there is a less consumption and more accumulation of calories which leads to weight gain.

2. Sitting can lead to weakening of bones and may also reduce mineral content. While working, you must get up in between. It is also better for your bones. Lack of physical activity increases the risk of bone weakening.

3. The immune system does not work properly due to prolonged sitting. If we do not indulge in physical activity then our immune system doesn’t work properly. Exercise makes the immune system strong by strengthening the cells of the body. Therefore people who are sitting for long hours develop weaker body immunity.

4. Sitting and working for a long time may also be the major reason for back pain. It also has an effect on the strength of the lumbar spine and increases the risk of injury to the lower back.

5. Speed of blood circulation slows down due to continuous sitting for several hours. This may be due to the reduced amount of fluid in the feet. Due to this you may have problems like swelling in the heel or varicose veins.

6. Sitting for long hours also affects the memory and concentration. Those who sit for long periods of time find it difficult to concentrate. While sitting, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can also be the problem. All these factors play an important role in the problem of memory reduction.

7. Those who work continuously in shifts longer than 8 hours begin to feel lonely at home after some time. The main reason for this is lack of communication and not being able to spend time with family and friends. 

8. Working for long hours while sitting is the reason of development of stress. 

9. It also increases the risk of cancer as continuous sitting will slow down all the body process which may result in the development of cancer in a long run. 

10. The risk of diabetes and heart disease increased by 30 percent.

What is Chair Yoga
Chair yoga is the modified yoga poses which can be done by simply sitting on a chair. These changes make it easier to practice yoga for those who cannot stand or are not capable to do much physical activity due to being overweight or obesity. Chair yoga can also be practiced easily at home or office. There are many poses of Chair Yoga that help to keep your body functioning properly and you don’t need any assistance to perform these poses. In this article I will give you complete information about different Chair Yoga and their benefits

Benefits of Chair Yoga
1. The biggest advantage is that the yogi practicing it can easily perform various types of rugs such as twists, hip stretches, leaning forward and light tilt towards the back.

2. Apart from sitting on a chair, it also gives you excellent stretches. 

3. Chair Yoga also gives you the benefits of regular yoga such as toned muscles, proper breathing, stress reduction, sound sleep and excellent health.

4. Chair Yoga is very helpful for old aged people as they can easily perform it without changing their position. 

5. Apart from this, people who have neurological problems can also effortlessly adopt chair yoga.

6. Since Chair Yoga is a matter of making and transitioning completely, so for doing this there is no need of any particular chair. 

7. Performing chair yoga two to three times in a day will help you to get refresh and energize again and it also make your body equipped for a new work.

8. Chair yoga can improve the digestive system. 

11 Easy Chair Yoga Poses to Relax Mind and Body
1.    Chair Cat Cow Pose 

•    Improves the flexibility of spines and backbone.
•    Relieves tension from the neck and shoulders, lower and middle back.
•    The core muscles get strengthened due to maximum tension.
•    Helps strengthen hands and wrists.
•    Strengthen hip joint and knee joint.
•    Improves digestion by massaging the internal organs of the stomach.

•    While sitting on chair make your spine straight and erect also remain your feet on the floor. Place both palms either on the knee or on the thighs.
•    Extend the chest outward while breathing in move the shoulders backward to compress the spine inwards. 
•    While exhaling slowly, spread the spine curvature on your back and bring both the shoulders forward towards the chin. 
•    Do this pose at least five times while inhaling and exhaling.

2.    Chair Raised Hands Pose 

•    Expands and open up the chest muscles.
•    Tones the back muscle.
•    Works on abdominal muscles and organs.
•    Calms the activity of brain.
•    Induces meditative state.

•    Raise both the hands and place a gap of about one foot between the legs.
•    Now try to pull the muscles of the shoulders towards the back.
•    Keep the muscles of thighs and hips stable during this exercise. Stay in this position for few seconds and then come back to a normal position.
•    Perform this pose five times in continuation. 

3.    Chair Forward Bend Pose
•    This asana gives a good stretch to the back, hips, calves and ankles.
•    Calms the mind and relieves anxiety.
•    Relieves headache and problems of insomnia.
•    Improves digestion by giving a good massage to the inner digestive organs of the stomach.
•    Activates kidney and liver.
•    Also makes thighs and knees strong.

•    Exhale and lean your upper torso on the legs.
•    Bring your head towards the thighs and try to place both palms on the floor.
•    Inhale and raise both hands up to the head level. Then come back to initial posture.
•    Do this process 5 to 10 times while exhaling and inhaling at proper times.

4.    Chair Extended Side Angle Pose 

•    Helps to improve digestion.
•    Neck pain can be reduced by this asana.
•    Acts in a therapeutic way.
•    Reduces the stiffness around the shoulders and neck.
•    Reduces stress and insomnia.
•    Helps to correct body posture.

•    While sitting on the chair, spread both hands in left and right direction.
•    Now place the palm of your left hand on the floor in front of left leg.
•    Breathe in and raise the right hand in an upward direction towards the ceiling.
•    Try to turn your head and see towards the ceiling. Stay in this posture as long as possible and then come back to normal.
•    Now do the same process from the right side. Repeatedly do this pose 6 to 8 times. 

5.    Chair Pigeon Pose 

•    Cures various types of body pain. 
•    Increases elasticity and flexibility of the hands.
•    Helps to reduce heal pain, back pain and shoulders pain. 
•    Provide mental peace and increase mental ability. 
•    Normalize blood pressure.

•    Place the heel of your right foot on the left thigh and try to keep the knee in the alignment of heel.
•    Sit like this for few seconds and keep breathing at a normal pace.
•    Lean forward to develop the stretch in this posture and do the same procedure by placing the heel of left foot on the right thigh.
•    Repeat this pose 4 to 6 times from both the sides. 

6.    Chair Eagle Pose

•    Improves body balance
•    Stretches the muscles of thighs and hips. 
•    Increase the backbone flexibility. 
•    Helps in muscle strengthening
•    Helps to strengthen the leg muscles by removing spasms.
•    Reduces mental stress and anxiety.

•    For doing this pose, cross your right thigh by placing it on the left thigh.
•    If possible, wrap the calf of the left leg with the paws of the right foot. Try to touch the palms by wrapping the left hand from the elbow to the right.
•    Lift both elbows and try to widen the shoulders away from the ears. Stay in this posture for some time and relax.
•    Do the same exercise from other side. Continuously perform this pose from 4 to 6 times.

7.    Chair Spinal Twist Pose

•    Relaxes back and buttock muscles.
•    Elevates and lengthens the spine and backbone.
•    Massages the digestive organs and strengthens the abdominal muscles. 
•    Helps remove toxins from the body.

•    Sit on the edge of the chair, and hold the back of another chair from both hands. 
•    Now rotate your upper torso towards the left and right direction. Also try to maximum stretch the spine while inhaling and relax the spine while exhaling.
•    Continue this cycle until you breathe in and out six times and then sit straight.
•    Repeat the same process 5 to 6 times.

8.    Chair Warrior Pose I

•    Improves the function of the respiratory system.
•    Improves the circulatory system.
•    Keep the entire muscles of the body fit.
•    Flexes the hips, knees and ankles.
•    Improves the functioning of the joints.
•    Tones the entire body due to deep stretch.

•    Rest the right thigh on the chair and pull the left leg backwards also keep the soles of the left foot parallel to the chair and rest it on the floor.
•    Keeping the left leg straight, make it firmly up and bend your chest forward. Breathe in and join both palms together. Now raise hands upward.
•    Hold this pose for few seconds and relax. Now repeat the same procedure at least 5 times.

9.    Chair Warrior Pose II 

•    Hamstrings get stretched and opened to the maximum.
•    Brings flexibility in hips.
•    Stretches the knees, ankle and foot.
•    Tones the leg muscles.
•    Stimulate internal organs.

•    Come in a position of Chair Warrior Pose I and while exhaling, remove the contact of palms and move both hands back and forth in such a way that when right hand comes forward the left hand moves backwards.
•    After this, pull the left hip backwards and bend the torso to the left. This will make it parallel to the chair's back.
•    Keep your eyes on the palm of right hand and remain in this posture for few seconds. Then practice this asana from right side too.
•    Continuously do this pose 4 to 6 times.

10.    Chair Reverse Warrior Pose

•    Heals lower back pain.
•    Expand chest and lungs.
•    Boost concentration and brain power.
•    Expand and strengthen the shoulders and arms.
•    Correct the alignment of the body.

•    First of all come in a posture of Chair Warrior Pose II and bring the left hand down towards the left leg.
•    Inhale and raise the right hand towards the ceiling. Stay in this posture until you breathe three to four times.
•    After this, return back to normal and then bring both feet in the direction of chair. Now do the same procedure with right hand and right foot.
•    Repeat this process at least 2 to 3 times from both the sides. 

11.    Chair Corpse Pose 

•    Brings a state of deep relaxation and meditation. 
•    Helps to repair tissues and cells.
•    Also helps to relieve stress. 
•    It also helps in reducing blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia.
•    Improves brain power by developing concentration and memory. 
•    Enhance the energy levels of the body. 

•    For few seconds sit with your eyes closed on the chair and keep both hands on your lap.
•    Now relax and open your eyes then again repeat the same procedure for 5 times. 

Beside Doing Chair Yoga Adopt These Tips
1. It is extremely necessary to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. 
2. If you sit on a chair for a long time, then keep standing at intervals of one or half an hour.
3. Move your feet and hands for 10 minutes on regular gap.
4. Try to have a meeting while walking.
5. Trade mills can also be used.
6. Stand from the seat to do full body stretching.
7. Use the standing desk in the office.
8. Everyday listens to nice and relaxing music of your choice to relax your body and soothe your mind. 
9. Spend some quality time with the family and friends, this will make you mentally strong and stable. 

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such chair yoga pose and their benefits then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me and also subscribe for latest updates.

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