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How Many Steps You Need to Walk to Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy


Did you know that walking is also one of the easiest and the best exercises? Do you know that you can burn calories only by walking? Morning walk is an excellent exercise for the body. It provides many benefits to our health. The time of morning is very calm, refreshing and cool. Walking in the outdoor environment in the morning also energizes the body and keeps the mind fickle. The cool morning breeze and the excursion in it give the day a beautiful start, so that there is no feeling of fatigue and tiredness during the whole day's run. Well, this must comes in mind that, “how much should I walk for complete fitness”? My response is approximately five miles which completes if you will walk 10,000 steps. This is the number which helps to reduce certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Benefits of Walking 10,000 Steps 

1. Reduce the Risk of Brain Stroke
Morning walk gives us fresh air and our mood is fresh. Daily walk of 10,000 steps can reduce the risk of brain stroke to a great extent. When we walk in morning, we breathe in fresh oxygen which can boost the blood circulation in the veins arteries. Blood cells work in a more enhanced way which may result in the dissolution of harmful substances which get deposited on the walls of blood vessels which in long run reduce the risk of any type of brain stroke.

2. Avoid Depression
The habit of walking daily saves you from depression and anxiety as well. By walking, our body cells start working actively which can increase the blood and oxygen supply to the brain and thus enhance the functioning of brain. This will result in reduced stress and depression.

3. Maintain Sugar Level
Nowadays, millions of people are seriously affected from diabetes. To avoid or reduce the risk of this deadly disease, it is important to go for a walk on daily basis. Walking initiates the body process which result in burning of excess sugar present in our body. Walking is beneficial for those also who are already a diabetic patient. 

4. Prevent Heart Disease
A large number of people are suffering from heart disease due to irregular eating habits and poor lifestyle. However, if we develop a habit of taking 10,000 steps walk in the morning, then we can keep us safe from heart diseases. Walking helps to maintain proper function of heart and regular supply of oxygenated blood to the heart. If the blood circulation is good, then our heart also stays healthy.

5. Promotes Weight Loss
People who are suffering from obesity must walk everyday at least 10,000 steps. Actually, walking makes the body sweats faster than the normal, which speed up the fat burning process. Not only this, if you are in habit of walking daily, then it will keep you away from the problem of obesity and you will remain fit and lean.

6. Boost Brain Power
Develop a habit of walking every day 10,000 steps as it will have a positive effect on your brain and will also develop your brain's working capacity. Daily walk can effectively boost your memory power and concentration level.

7. Promotes Bone Strength
Walking has a positive effect on the bone health. Continuous walk can strengthen the bone density and helps to make it strong and damage resistant. It also reduces the risk of hip fracture in pedestrians by 43%. Therefore, you should also take time out of your routine life and at least walk 10,000 steps daily.

8. Relieve Joint Pain 
If you have pain in your joints then you should make a habit of regular walk. Walking strengthens your muscles and helps to relieve joint pain. If you walk at least 5 miles every day, then it also reduces the risk of disease like arthritis by keeping your joints mobile.

9. Energy Booster
Everyday walking 10,000 steps gives the body as much energy as drinking a cup of coffee. Walking allows an equal flow of oxygen to all parts of the body. It increases the hormones in the body which are responsible for increasing the energy level.

10. Enhance Lifespan
If you walk regularly for 5 miles then it will increase your lifespan. Research has also revealed that if you want to live healthy and longer life, then you should get into the habit of walking daily. It reduces the risk of early death by 20%.

11. Develops Creative Thinking
Walking also uplifts the mood and enhances the ability of creative thinking. Research has also claimed that creative ideas start to develop in mind while walking. The more our body remains active during a walk, the more our brain remains active and thinks in a right direction.

12. Increase Muscular Strength
Regular walk of 10,000 steps will help you to develop the muscular strength and endurance. Walking is very important to develop the intensity of muscles and strength of muscles. 

13. Promotes Metabolism
How much better metabolism you have, the more energetic and active you will be. Walking helps to correct the problem of constipation and other stomach related problems. So in order to maintain the body metabolism of your body, you need to walk at least 5 miles per day.

14. Maintain Lungs Health
Daily morning walk in a fresh air helps to increase the capacity of lungs. When we walk the oxygen supply to the organs take place faster which increase the function of lungs also it activates all the cells of lungs which helps in purification of blood. Thus it results in increasing the stamina and overall health of lungs.

15. Enhance Body Stamina
Every day walking 10,000 steps will also help to increase the stamina and power of body. Walking itself is a complete exercise. It enhances body function which results in the participation of all the body organs and tissues. This way our body increases its stamina so we can stay fit and healthy.

16. Increase Body’s Immunity
Regular walks can also increase body’s immunity. Walking activates all the cells. Due to lack of physical activity most of the cells stop working which results in severe disease. But from walk each and every cell of our body involves in functioning properly which will helps to develop the natural immunity.

17. Gives Clear Skin
Walking is also good for skin. It helps us to make our skin clear and healthy. By walking oxygen supply enhances and it effectively reaches to the skin and pores which thus initiate the activities of skin cells. This way we can easily get rid from acne and pimple breakouts.

18. Uplift Mood
Regular walks can also make us happy by uplifting our mood. Walking initiates all the bodily activities and also increases the dopamine level in our body which makes us happy and cheerful.

19. Improves Sleep
If you start doing regular walks of at least 5 miles than you can effectively overcome the problem of sleeplessness. By walking body involves in different physical activities which indicates that within few hours of excursion our body demands for rest and thus it is a cause of sound sleep. 

20. Motivates Healthy Hair 
If you are facing a problem related to your hair then also walking is one solution. Walking initiate and enhance the brain activity. This way all the brain cells work properly and exchange of different substances takes place. This will result in the correction of hair fall problem. 

21. Improve Eyesight
Walking can also help you to increase eyesight. Inhaling fresh air is good for all the body parts. For better vision power do a walk barefooted on a green and wet grass. You can practice this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such benefits of walking 10,000 steps everyday then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me and also subscribe for latest updates.

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