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Tabata Training - Must Try These Moves To Burn Maximum Fat


As per tabata training only 4 minutes of exercise is enough to get a perfect body. You must be imagining that what sort of gag it is. But believe me guys it is absolute true fact. By simply performing 4 minutes workout every day, you can experience a huge change in your body. Yes my friend this is what Tabata Workout does. If you desire to know more about tabata, then let me tell you in brief. Somehow I can affirm that High Intensity Interval Training is known as Tabata Training, with an exception of slight difference between high intensity interval training and Tabata training. You only need 4 minutes in total to focus as it gives you all the benefits of a regular and hourly workout.

Tabata was first quoted and formulated by Dr. Izumi Tabata, and initially it was tested on the Japanese Olympic speed skating team. The series of exercises has been performed by the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating Team. Athletic men and women groups were involved in a 4-minute extreme exercise activity to observe the effects of Tabata training. At the end of persistent workout amazing results have been noticed such as body consumed maximum oxygen, elevated metabolic rate, increased aerobic and anaerobic abilities, and it burn fat faster than a one hour workout.

Tabata is unlike regular workout. If you are tired of performing the same exercise every day then you can try tabata. Tabata can be helpful for those who do strenuous physical strength training, which aids the burning of 270 calories in 20 minutes. Tabata can also give you similar results just by doing it for 4 minutes, which includes a set of intense exercise followed with a gap of 10 seconds. In this workout you can perform any high intensity exercise like sprint, squat, pushup, jumping jack etc. repeatedly for 20 seconds. Then bring your body to rest for next 10 seconds. Now repeat these exercise 8 times, in a span of four minutes at a high speed.

Benefits of Tabata Training

1. Keep body metabolism updated throughout the day.

2. No requirement of gym equipment and memberships.

3. Aids weight loss with zero investment.

4. Gives fast results in a very short time.

5. Gives access to full body workout in a short time.

6. Naturally increases concentration and aiming capability.

7. Makes body more flexible than earlier.

8. Helps to keep the muscle tissue healthy.

9. Targets on maximum tissues group.

10. Increases stamina and endurance.

9 Must Try Tabata Moves to Burn Maximum Fat

1. Pushups
Pushups are very beneficial for your body and it is considered best tabata exercise. Experts believe that pushup is an exercise that targets your chest, shoulder, triceps, core and legs. It not only helps you in weight loss, but it is very good for your whole health. Your spent your energy during pushups. This energy is nothing but calories. The muscles of the back are stretched when the body goes down while doing pushups and the muscles of the biceps are stretched when it comes up. By doing this continuously, the body's flexibility increases. 

2. Brisk Running
Fast running is very commonly performed during Tabata workout. It can be done at very high speed while standing at one point. According to scientists, fast running can prevent many diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, sugar, stress etc. Running regularly also keeps your mind calm. The biggest benefit from running is the weight loss. Fast running, can increase the density of bones of our feet, due to which it becomes stronger. It also provides strength to the waist bones. It will increase the stamina to a great extent. By including fast running in tabata workout routine can also improves digestive system.

3. Skipping
Skipping is considered a sport, but it has many advantages. Skipping can lead you to burn more calories in less time. Almost all the body parts get used by jumping rope. It is a good exercise for legs, abdominal muscles, shoulders, wrists, heart, internal organs and even hands. Regular skipping brings harmony to the body parts and improves body balance. To keep the heart healthy, jumping rope is beneficial. Due to this, the heart beats fast. As a result, oxygen supply towards the lungs increases and blood gets circulated throughout the body at a faster rate. This also reduces the stress of the body and all the organs of the body work more efficiently. Rope jumping accelerates blood circulation, which provides nutrition to the skin and release body's toxic elements through sweated thus face start glowing naturally. 

4. Burpees
Burpee is a bodyweight exercise that helps in burning extra muscles along with body fat. This exercise can be done without any equipment and possess many advantages. It works on your Arms, Back, Chest, Core, Glutes and Legs.  Practicing Burpee also develops your core muscles. The stomach muscles get enough stimulation. For better results, your shoulders should stay parallel to your wrist and your core should be contracted. This increases the heart rate, so it is another best and important exercise to be included in tabata workout. 
Burpee exercises strengthen the heart and lungs and maintain the accuracy of blood flow. It also decreases the cholesterol level and helps in improving the functioning of brain hence it enhances the memory power and concentration.

5. Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jack is an intense physical workout so you should also include it in your tabata routine. As the name suggests, this mainly involves jumping. This can be done in many variations. This exercise derives its name from a kid's playable toy jumping jack. It is a part of Plyometrics training or jump training. Plyometrics is a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance work. This type of exercise works on your heart, lungs and muscles at the same time. Jumping jack is a full body workout that makes it a great exercise. It effectively helps you to lose weight. Jumping jack works on the legs, abdomen and abdominal areas and hand muscles and helps reduce fat from these areas. It helps in burning more calories by increasing metabolism. Jumping jack is a good exercise to improve bone density and bone health too. When you do this exercise regularly it makes bones stronger, and preserves bone mass and keep diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis at bay. Along with being a good cardio exercise, jumping jack is also an ideal exercise to strengthen muscles. This gives your arms a good workout and is helpful in building your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves muscles.

6. Mountain Climber 
Mountain climber exercise is considered very well for our body. This exercise strengthens the muscles of legs and hands. If you want to reduce your fat then consistently perform mountain climber workout. This exercise is a full body workout so you can add mountain climber exercises to your tabata routine to keep your body fit. Mountain climber is good for abs, back, legs and arms. This exercise is excellent in reducing fat and keeping the body fit. You do not need a machine to do this. You can do it easily at home. The faster the legs move back and forth, the more the impact of this exercise will maximize. Mountain Climber is a killer exercise that speed up the heart rate and develops the core thus strengthen the muscles and shoulders. Mountain climber exercises work on almost all the muscles of the body such as deltoids, biceps, triceps, chests, oblique, abdominals, quads, hamstrings and hip. 

7. Planks
Plank is a bodyweight exercise and it is very beneficial to exercise planks while doing tabata for always staying fit. Plank exercises are beneficial for reducing belly fat and excess fat deposited on the hips. Planks are also good in for developing six pack abs. Plank makes the muscles of stomach strong and increases the stamina of the body. Planks are highly effective isometric exercise that burns about two to five calories per minute depending on body weight. If you practice planks regularly, then you will lose weight fast. This increases the ability to lift more weight, and also increases the jumping power that is required by the players. Planking does not put excessive emphasis on the spine and hips. Therefore, the risk of injury to the back and spine decreases while planking. 

8. Sprints
Always start the sprinting session with a warm up so that your muscles are ready for it. Performing sprints workout helps you a lot in high-intensity interval training. Sprint training is considered very well for muscle growth. Studies show that sprint training helps to maintain muscle mass. While doing sprint training you can burn lot of calories, if you do this then you will remain active for a long time. According to exercise experts, Sprint Workouts burn calories very fast. Sprint workouts are considered the best if you want to drop weight rapidly. Sprint Workouts are a type of athlete exercise. One unusual thing about sprints is that it is a fast exercise thus it perfectly unites in tabata routine. It involves cardio and strength training simultaneously.

9. Lunges
Lunge is the exercise which usually targets on the lower body. It is very important especially for women because it is often seen that the lower body part of women is vulnerable. Because of which they have to face many problems in their everyday life. Lunges are also an exercise that targets your single legs alternately. Lunges are also very beneficial for in fat loss. It can reduce fat quickly because this exercise targets on big muscles. The effect of doing lunges lasts for long hours even after exercising. Lunge exercises are very beneficial for improving the balance of our body. It gives you a good balance. This exercise is beneficial for all the organs of the body. Lunge can help you to achieve a stronger and more stable core. This workout stimulates your core and abdominal muscles. In lunge exercise, when you move your hips up and down, it helps to build stability. A strong core cures you lower back pain and also improves your balance and posture.

Action to be Tracked While Doing Tabata Training

1. Always do warm-up before starting a Tabata workout in order to avoid any type of muscle injury.

2. Tabata is considered a high intensity exercise and more energy is required to do this. Therefore, doing it twice a week will be beneficial or else it can have a bad effect on the tissues.

3. The selection of tabata exercises will be specific and accurate, ensure that you do not opt wrong exercises.

4. If you feel difficulty in doing high intensity workouts or have any physical problem, suddenly discontinue high intensity exercises.

5. The slight carelessness can cause huge damage to your muscles and bone.

6. Make sure to take care of these five points. It is better to understand about it properly before starting Tabata Workout. 

Hope you like this article. If you know more about tabata training and must try moves to burn maximum fat then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me and also subscribe for latest updates.

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