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7 morning yoga pose to lose weight fast


If our body is healthy, then we can experience the ultimate pleasure of existing life. It is the primary duty of every person to pay proper attention to their health, but unfortunately very few people get success in doing so. As a result, they suffer from multiple diseases. Out of those health problems the most common is obesity. Today many people are upset due to their increased weight.

Yoga to Lose Weight Fast
There are thousands of ways to lose weight, but in all these methods, the one which gives you a long-term solution without any side-effects is yoga. And that's why today I am sharing 7 morning yoga pose to lose weight fast.

7 Morning Yoga Pose to Lose Weight Fast
Many beneficial yogasanas have been told in our ancient culture, by performing those on everyday life gives us healthy and attractive body and through these yogic activities the weight of the body can also be reduced. With the help of balanced diet and yogasan you can fill your life with a new energy. Let us see these yogasanas.

1. Skull Pose or Kapalbhati
It is a panacea for reducing stomach fat. By doing this asana, overall body weight can also be reduced. The effect of this powerful posture not only helps in reducing obesity. Skull pose motivates the metabolic rate and other stomach problems thus aid proper digestion of food which will fasten up the fat burn in your body.  Skull pose is one the most useful yoga poses that can facilitate you lose all that abdominal fat which gets accumulated at the time of pregnancy. Deep breathing increase oxygen supply in the body and this additional oxygen promote the burning of extra fat dumped in the body. Breathing intensely progress blood circulation and tone the belly.

•    To perform this Yogasan, choose a place with clean, quiet and open environment and sit in a normal posture on a mat.
•    While sitting, put your right leg over the left thigh and the left leg under the right thigh.
•    After this, release the breath outside, and pull the stomach inward with force.
•    This activity should be continued for five minutes in the morning.

2. Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique or Anulom Vilom Pranayama
This pranayama is also called pulse reaction posture. Anulom vilom are helpful in maintaining blood circulation in the body. Most of the fat in the human body is stored around the stomach, waist and thighs. The stomach fat or abdominal fat burns easily due to the effect of this asana. Fat obtain due to the imbalance secretion of hormones can be easily corrected by doing alternate nostril breathing technique. Further, it recover metabolism and eventually activate endocrine glands. It eradicates toxins from the blood, which hinder the supply of oxygenated blood to the fat piled up muscles.

•    Choose a good place and sit in a normal posture and cross your legs.
•    Now place your right hand comfortably on the right knee.
•    With the thumb of the left hand close the left nostril of the nose, and take a deep breath from the right nostril.
•    Then release the left opening and follow the same procedure from the right nostril. Repeat this process at least 10 to 15 times.

3. Boat Pose or Naukasan
Boat Pose could be an exceptional yoga to do when you’re trying to lose weight and reduce belly fat. It is a virtuous asana to make the abdomen and the area around the navel in a correct shape. This pose straightforwardly works on the stomach area and tones whole body. It is said to facilitate the regulation of kidneys and pancreas function. Boat pose can strengthen the digestive system. When food is digested properly, extra fat does not accumulate in the body and the weight also remains under control. It helps strengthens the hip muscles and spinal column (mainly lower back muscles), improving your core balance and posture.

•    First of all lie down on your back facing towards the sky.
•    Keep your hands straight, and keep your palms facing the ground.
•    Now slowly move your neck upwards and keep your hands straight.
•    Raise your hands high and also raise your feet in the same way and take the form of a boat.
•    Stay in this posture for about twenty five to thirty seconds.
•    Then slowly move back to normal posture. Repeat boat pose 2 to 3 times.

4. Child Pose or Balasan
This asana is quite useful for fast weight loss. The fat of the abdomen, waist and thighs begin to decrease immediately with this asana. The muscles of the body get strengthened by regular performing child pose. While performing this pose, all the body weight gets concentrated at the stomach area thus, it boosts the cell functioning which finally aids to burning of belly fat. By doing this pose for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning every day, the stomach will immediately start decreasing.

•    For doing this pose first of all, sit on your knees by bending the knees backward.
•    Bend forward while putting the body weight on the joints, and breathe in.
•    Put your hands straight and the palms facing towards the ground.
•    Make sure that your chest should touch the front part of your thighs and knees.
•    Keep your head on the ground level.
•    Stay in this pose for 3 to 4 minutes, then relax and repeat this pose four to five times.

5. Yoga Cycling
This workout is very effective for removing the fat of the feet. Yoga cycling makes the knees strong. From this exercise, abdominal muscles become very strong thus it can develop the core strength. Yoga cycling also reduces the discomfort of gastric problem which occurs due to acid reflux and reduces the fat stored in the stomach.

•    For performing this yoga, lie down on your back and face towards the sky.
•    Now lift both your feet above the ground.
•    Assuming that you are riding the real cycle, start rotating your leg in the air.
•    Remember that while doing this asana, both your hands and palms should be on the ground.
•    Do this exercise in the morning for 10 to 15 minutes.

6.  Bridge Pose or Setubandh Asana
By this posture, the back bone of the body gets strengthened. This is a great workout for the waist area. Bridge pose is known for correcting the body posture and efficiently removing excess fat of the stomach. Bridge pose is an enormous yoga pose for weight loss. The action of bringing chest and chin in contact is very important for the secretion of metabolism regulating hormones. Pressing down feet engages your thighs and backbone and further helps in toning those muscles too. There is one more reason which makes us to practice Bridge pose is that it also helps stimulate the abdominal organs to keep your digestion all well.

•    For performing this yoga posture, lie down on your back and face towards the sky.
•    After that, together, lift your knees from the ground and put both your hands directly on the floor.
•    Now while exhaling, raise your middle body torso from the ground by gently pulling your spinal cord.
•    Deeply breathing in, keep your feet on the floor.
•    In this state, stay for about 1 minute, then exhale and lie down back in a normal state.

7. Triangle Pose or Trikonasana
If you are troubled to lose your belly fat from long time, then you should make triangles easy on a regular basis. The triangle easily reduces the increased fat in the abdomen, groin, and hip. If it is done as soon as possible, then there is quick benefit. Its regular practice increases flexibility in the body, makes the spine strong, relieves shoulder and back pain, acid reflux and neck pain. The function of the intestine gets increased by making the triangle pose. It also aids to constipation problem thus increasing digestive properties and reduce hunger too. Triangle pose is an excellent pose to reduce overall body fat.

•    First stand straight, and then spread your legs a meter away.
•    Breathe inwards and straighten both your arms at a shoulder level.
•    While exhaling, bow forward up to the waist height.
•    Now touch the toes of the right foot with the left hand and place the other hand towards the sky.
•    In this posture, stay for 2 to 3 seconds and then make your body straight.
•    Now do the same method from other side using another arm.
•    Practice this asana 5 times from each side.

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such morning yoga poses to lose weight fast then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me. 

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