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Why you should not skip breakfast


Your body needs a significant amount of energy to work all day. And there is nothing better than breakfast for this energy. Therefore, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Actually, after dinner, we do not eat for a long time, so breakfast in the morning should be full of nutritious ingredients. There are various reasons which will not let you skip your breakfast.

Why Breakfast Is Necessary For You
Plan your daily meal according to this famous proverb that “Always have breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Beggar” you should believe and follow this saying whole of your life, if you want to lead a healthy life. So get into the habit of having large and healthy breakfast. Make a breakfast in such a way that there should be a combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Let's understand why you should not skip breakfast?

1. Formation of Acid
In the empty stomach there is a formation of acid which is produced by the digestive juices. This not only damages our intestines but it will also start making us weak.

2. Craving to Eat Unhealthy
If you do not have breakfast, then after some time there is an extreme desire to eat and then we continue to eat something throughout the day. In such situation, we start taking non-healthy food to follow the circle of hunger.

3. Bad Effects on Metabolism
Metabolism is the fuel of our body due to which our body functions properly. This fuel is required by the brain and the nervous system to perform various functions. When it is not fulfilled, the body starts eating unhealthy food. In this way, if you do not take breakfast in the morning, then it affects your metabolism.

4. Risk of Obesity
Not having breakfast can also cause problems like diabetes and obesity. If the breakfast is in small quantities or if it is not nutritious then it may increase the risk of obesity. Due to skipping breakfast the next meal comes up in large quantity.

5. Importance of Breakfast For Women
Often women either ignore or skip morning breakfast. But breakfast is of same importance for them too. Having good breakfast in the morning not only provides energy for the whole day work hence, it also maintains the physical and mental balance.

6. Keeps You Satisfied All Day
Having satisfactory breakfast increases metabolism by burning fat faster. If breakfast is protein-rich and fat-free, then there will be no desire to eat more during the day. In contrary, not eating nutritional food for breakfast increases the weight and in future it proves to be very stubborn to reduce.

7. Attracting Diseases
Skipping breakfast not only reduces your physical abilities, but it also invites many diseases in your body. Skipping breakfast will suddenly boost the sugar level of body thus, increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, acidity, cancer, migraine, baldness etc.

6 Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Eating a nutritious and complete diet in the early morning is a bit difficult, but it does not mean that you take anything but women should opt for a healthy alternative diet. Breakfast keeps you full of energy throughout the day, so breakfast should include everything that gives energy to the body like fibre, carbohydrates, protein, milk and some amount of fat. Come; let us know about few such nutritious foods which can become your morning breakfast.

1. Flaked Rice With Vegetables
Flaked rice or Poha is a famous breakfast of most Indian families, as it is very healthy and complete breakfast. It contains approximately 75% of healthy carbohydrates. It has sufficient dietary fibers that make it a great choice for weight watchers. So, if weight loss is in your list, then going for poha as breakfast is a perfect one as it keeps you full and curbs hunger for long hours. For making it healthier you can add different boiled vegetables which will increase its nutritional values. Apart from this, eating poha regularly can prevent iron deficiency and anemia.

2. Oats With Berries And Yogurt
Oats mixed with yogurt and berries is an excellent breakfast not only keeps you energetic for full day, but due to being full of fiber, it also helps you in reducing weight. Apart from this, oats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folate and potassium, which also helps in controlling blood sugar and is considered very good for the heart. Yogurt will provide all the benefits of dairy without adding fat or calories. It is also enriched with calcium and protein. Berries will add on the dose of vitamins, minerals and extra fibres.

3. Banana Shake
It has been observed that most women do not eat bananas because they feel that this will increase their weight. But this fact is totally wrong. There is no better alternative to a good breakfast than banana. You can eat it like this or it can be consumed in the form of shakes. It is very beneficial in both the forms. Potassium found in good quantity in banana which is beneficial for women of all classes. Beside this milk contains a superior blend of healthy fat, calcium and other necessary nutrients that help in keeping you active throughout the day. It provides energy and also boosts your metabolism that helps you in losing weight faster and in a healthier way.

4. Poached Eggs
Eggs contain a lot of nutrients like protein and vitamin D. Regularly eating just one poached egg everyday can help you get complete dose of your full-day vitamin D requirement. Along with it eggs are rich in vitamin 'B-2' and vitamin 'A' and iron are also found in very high amounts, which keeps you full of energy throughout the day. And women need a lot of energy to carry out dual responsibilities.

5. Lentil Sprouts
Sprouts are also a good and light alternative for morning breakfast. It is rich in amino acids, protein and fibre. Pulses can be easily germinated at the home. Lentil sprouts can promote weight loss because of the feeling of fullness we get after eating it, as well as their protein and fiber content. You can consume it by adding, chopped cucumber and tomatoes to it along with some nice and tangy dressing.

6. Yogurt With Berries
It is also good to consume yogurt instead of milk. Some natural probiotics are found in yogurt, which can be digested faster than milk. Protein, lactose, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc. are also found in yogurt. It is beneficial for your stomach as well as for skin too. Adding your favourite berries to a cup of yogurt will not only increase its taste but also combines a good quantity of fibres in your breakfast so you can stay without eating for long hours.

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such reasons that why you should not skip your breakfast  then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me. 


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