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12 foods you should eat to lose weight


Nowadays most people are upset with their obesity and increasing weight. Due to changing lifestyle stress and obesity complaints are increasing among people from very early age. They follow variety of weight loss plans to lose few pounds such as prohibiting fried foods, discontinuing junk resources, fasting etc. But regardless of taking different measures, their weight increases rather decreasing. Obesity is not only bad in appearance, but it is also an alarming indication of many diseases.

Importance of Calories
Weight gain largely depends on your calorie intake. If you are ingesting a lot of calories in your food throughout the day, but you are not burning it, it can become an important reason for your weight gain. If you really want to lose weight, then make your calorie chart according to your age, height, routine and weight. According to that, consume calories and burn them as well. In order to be healthy, everyone should try to consume the least calorie-rich food and try to burn it too. Some fast foods are low in calories but they can increase the problem of high cholesterol and blood sugar. Therefore, it is better that you take a balanced diet, so that every need of your body can be fulfilled. Keep in mind that it is necessary to have all the nutrients in the diet to stay fit.

12 Foods You Should Eat to Lose Weight  
The problem of obesity and weight gain can be avoided to a large extent by bringing a minor change in your food habits. There are many things to eat and drink, which can help you in reducing weight.

1. Leafy Vegetables
Green leafy vegetables have low carbohydrate and calories but are rich in fiber. After eating green vegetables you will not feel hungry for long duration, which makes it ease to reduce obesity. Spinach, leafy greens, cabbage, fenugreek, broccoli etc. contain all kinds of vitamins, minerals, calcium and antioxidants which can provide necessary nutrition to your body. Beside they promote fat burn and aids weight loss.

2. Eggs
Eggs are considered to be very healthy and beneficial among weight loss diet. Eggs are high in protein and healthy fats. The advantage of this is that even after consuming them in small quantities, you feel full for more hours, thus it curbs your hunger. Eating boiled eggs in breakfast can prove to be very good.

3. Boiled Potatoes
Potatoes are usually considered to be the source of increasing fat, although the fact is something else. Potatoes are a rich source of potassium and many other nutrients which helps to controls blood pressure too. Boiled potatoes fill the stomach quickly after eating, which makes one not feel to eat anything else. Therefore it is included in the Fat Loss Diet. However, keep in mind that never try to replace boiled potatoes with French fries or chips.

4. Salmon
If you are in love with non-vegetarian, then salmon fish can proved to be effective for you. It has low calorie content and is loaded with protein, vital nutrients and healthy fats. There is also an abundance of iodine inside it, which improves metabolism by keeping thyroid levels accurate.

5. Avocado
Include avocado in the diet to reduce obesity. Most fruits are high in carbohydrates, while healthy fats are found in avocados. It is a different type of fruit, which contains monounsaturated oleic acid, which is usually found in olive oil.

6. Lentil Pulses
If you really want to lose weight, then add lentils and kidney beans to your lunch and dinner. Protein, fiber and some starch are found in them which improves your metabolism and keep you full for long. Fat content is also very low in lentils and beans.

7. Cottage cheese
If you want to reduce the amount of carbs from your diet, then make cottage cheese an important part of your diet. calcium found in it is extremely useful in burning fat. Though, consuming plain cheese would be extra favorable than frying it.

8. Red Chili
Those who do not like to eat spicy, they may get a bit nervous with this option, but for those who are fond of eating spicy, red chilli can prove to be a way to lose weight. Red chilly contains a compound called Capsaicin which reduces appetite and burns fat. So, include Red chilli in your diet chart to reduce weight

9. Nuts
Although cashew, almonds and other nuts have high calorie content, but if consumed in a balanced way, they can be helpful in reducing weight. They contain monounsaturated fats, which are good for both heart and mind. By eating them as a snack, you will feel less hungry and will not even desire to eat sweet too. However, do not eat more than 7- 8 nuts a day. It is an excellent weight loss food.

10. Fruits  
You must have often heard the saying that eating a fruit daily keeps the doctor away. Actually, fruits are enriched in high fiber, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and natural sugar. Fruits are generally low in calories and high in fiber, which may help you lose weight. In actual, eating fruit is associated to a lesser body weight and a lower danger of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease. You can include fruits like apples, watermelons, pears, oranges, bananas in your diet.

What Else You Can Do to Lose Weight
Obesity is considered the onset and indicator of many diseases. Due to obesity, a person can suffer from heart related diseases, thyroid and many other serious problems. People who are overweight also become more lazy than others, due to their increased weight they feel difficulty in handling their body. If you want to avoid obesity, then follow these simple things.

1.    There is no harm in eating sugar occasionally but if you eat or drink more sweet things in your daily diet then it can prove to be harmful for you.
2.    Some people like fried food very much, but they probably do not know that this food is not good for their health.
3.    You can gain weight even if you eat outside often. No matter how little oil or good quality food you take outside, it can never contain the nutrients that will be found in the food of the house.
4.    Along with improving the diet for weight loss, you also have to take special care of your routine. Include some habits and exercises in your routine that can help you lose weight easily.
5.    Regularly go for morning and evening, whenever you get time, make a habit of walking or running either.
6.    If you know how to swim and there is no problem with water, then you can also do swimming to lose weight.
7.    If you have time and want to lose weight while having fun, then you can join Zumba or Dance class.
8.    Try to walk as much as possible and climb the stairs instead of lift.
9.    minimize the intake of coffee. Instead, drink plenty of water and have green tea or juice.
10.    Understand the importance of water in your routine and try to drink as much water as possible. Actually, drinking water helps in reducing weight and also keeps the skin clean.
11.    People living under extreme stress and suffering from depression also become obese. Actually, in both circumstances there are hormonal changes, which directly affect the weight of the person.
12.    Due to lack of sleep, the level of leptin in the body starts to decrease. In such a situation the appetite increases.
13.    Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. If you miss it, there is a big chance that you may become obese.


Hope you like this article. If you know about more such foods which can help to lose weight then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me. 


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